Sunday, 12 June 2011



Funky house, electro, progressive house and some dubstep;)
Enjoy! think this is my best yet.. !
Including tracks from Mac Zimms, Madison Avenue, Fatboy Slim, Zoe Badwi, D.Ramirez, Tomcraft, Adele and others!
Stream via soundcloud..
  1. Nillionaire (Orig Mix) – Alesso
  2. Fy Feelings (Orig Mix) – Mac Zimms
  3. The Robospanker (Orig Club Mix) – Christian Cambas
  4. My Lips Don’t Call Me (Adrian Villaverde Mashup) – Crazibiza vs Madison Avenue
  5. Chop (Orig Mix) – Andrea Paci vs. Romano & Donati
  6. El Dream (Orig Mix) – Andrea Roma
  7. Rockafeller Skank (Orig Mix) – Fatboy Slim & Koen Groeneveld
  8. So Free (Sergia Matina & Gabry Sangineto Tendenzia Groovy Mix) -Gemini Station & Majuri
  9. Zulu (Orig Mix) – Javi Del Valle & Pedro Silva
  10. Greece 2000 (Invisible Brothers Remix) – Three Drives
  11. Carry Me Home (Richard Dinsdale Club Mix) – Grant Smillie ft. Zoe Badwi
  12. Point (Orig Mix) – NiCe7
  13. Jump It Up (Orig Club Mix) – D.Ramirez
  14. My Ferrari (Gigi Barocco Remix) – Pink Is Punk & Gigi Barocco feat. D’Aaron Anthony
  15. Loving you (Orig Mix) – Tomcraft & Tim Healey ft. Pippa Trix
  16. Rolling In The Deep (Dirty Noise “Meets the Dubstep” Remix) – Adele

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